A short film ‘A Distraction’ chosen at New York Lift Off Film Festival

  • फ्रन्टलाइन नेपाल
  • सोमवार, माघ २९, २०८०

  • New York. As Nepalese talents continue to rise on the international global stage, the short film ‘A Distraction, ‘written by Nepalese artists : Om Raj Raut and Pramod Tiruwal, has been selected for the prestigious New York Lift Lift off Film Festival. The film directed by Pramod Tiruwal presents a thought-provoking narrative on the challenges possessed by technology, especially the effects of Artificial intelligence among the youth.

    Om Raj Raut, not only the co-writer of the film but also playing a lead role. Juan Camilo Moreno, who worked as the cinematographer for the film, had his previous film ‘La Jauria’ selected for the cannes Festival in 2022. It won four prizes at Cannes Critics’ Week.

    Raut and Tiruwal, the creative minds behind ‘Distraction,’ express their excitement and gratitude for the film’s selection ath the New York Lift Off Film Festival. This recognition not only acknowledges their artistic capability and Nepalese talent on a global platform but also shines a spotlight on the current relevant issues addressed in the film.

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