Vetiver impacts all 17 SDGs in Nepal

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  • बिहिबार, पुस १९, २०८०

  • Aditya Goenka

    Development student from Nepal, Aditya Goenka is a topper from the Richmond American University in London in BA Economics (Hons) with an outstanding GPA of 3.82 that got him offers to pursue Master’s at the global leaders Cambridge & LSE.

    At Richmond he was conferred the coveted ‘Best Student’ and ‘Dean’s’ Awards, too – a rare feat for a Nepalese student!

    He was also conferred with the ‘Best Student award’ in Mathematics.

    Aditya has pledged to transform the socio-economic poise of the lesser-privileged in Nepal, and take his model of development all over the developing world. He leads a platform called Vetiver Nepal ( that is changing landscapes of development in Nepal.

    He has picked up on a vegetation called Vetiver as a catalyst for sustainable & inclusive development. His works span areas of Soil & Water Conservation, Disaster Mitigation, Wasteland Reclamation, Groundwater Recharge, Carbon Sequestration, Phytoremediation of marginal lands, Substitution of Fossil Fuel with Green Energy, inter alia. Revolutionary impact is brought out across a broad spectrum of applications of which the aforesaid ones constitute a few.

    Just to cite a solitary example of transformation envisioned by Aditya, wasteland reclamation alone can help bring a million hectares of abandoned land pool in Nepal into the mainstream of agriculture that can produce additional food grains to the tune of at least 50% of what is produced today.

    In a similar vein each application of Vetiver is a game changer !

    Aditya has an exceptional vision to address the most daunting challenges humanity confronts today – as that of poverty, hunger, unemployment and climate, inter alia.





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